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Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything

January 11 2016

An Estimated 1 in 4 Car Crashes Involves Cell Phone Use

​Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because so many drivers use them for long periods of time each day. Almost everyone has seen a driver distracted by a cell phone, but when you are the one who is distracted, you often don't realize that driver is you. 

Distracted Driving Research Statistics

NSC has compiled a large amount of research on distracted driving, including data on:

  • Crashes
  • Hands-free devices
  • Cognitive distraction
  • Text messaging and voice-activated texting
  • Cell phones compared to alcohol-impaired driving
  • Teens and young drivers
  • Evaluation of laws and enforcement

Hands-free is Not Risk-free

With some state laws focusing on handheld bans and carmakers putting hands-free technology in vehicles, it’s no wonder people are confused. However, while many drivers honestly believe they are making the safe choice by using a hands-free device, it’s just not true. Your brain remains distracted by the conversation. 

Employers Bring About Change

​While no state has a law prohibiting all cell phone use while driving, employers are putting policies in place banning the use of handheld and hands-free devices to eliminate cell phone distracted driving and keep their employees safe. 

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Did you know there is a lot you can do to help prevent distracted driving?

  • Stop using your phone while driving
  • Use social media to tell others about the dangers of cell phone distracted driving
  • Take the pledge to drive cell-free

Source: www.nsc.org/learn/NSC-Initiatives/Pages/distracted-driving.aspx